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This is a MUST do exercise! And why are you doing that one?

This week’s blog is going address the two exercises which we feel get the wrong kind of attention.

One is over rated and used too often when not appropriate and the other is given a bad name when it shouldn't!

When training we need to consider not only the goals of the client but also the repercussions of the exercises and style of training that they perform. We need to try to address any issues early so 5 minutes of supplementary work can prevent an injury from costing them 6 weeks off training!

Here we go!

Over rated exercise: THE BENCH PRESS

This exercise has been promoted for years and used as a measure of strength across the globe. We understand that if you are a power lifter the need and necessity of the movement but for most other people and athletes alike we feel this movement is more detrimental than beneficial.


Bench Pressing creates a muscle imbalance around the shoulder girdle and weakens scapula-humeral stability. There is no need for the shoulder to stabilize itself during the movement as the bench provides this. Repeated bench pressing causes weakness in the scapula stabilizers and results in many shoulder and neck problems.


There are many other exercises that develop horizontal pushing strength and nice chest development that will also benefit your entire training and well being. Such example is the PUSH UP. This sounds easy but when done correctly you will find a whole new workout. This can then be progressed with feet elevation, weight plates on your back, chains, power bands, speed, volume etc.


This exercises has been given a bad name for years, medical experts say don’t press overhead once you are aged 40+ as your risk of shoulder injuries are much greater. If we follow this rule then we all end up with chronic weakness, severe muscle tightness and sustain a rotator cuff tear when simply reaching for a cup off the top shelf!

Yes there are pre-requisites for this exact movement , you need to have good thoracic mobility, minimal soft tissue restrictions, good core stability and excellent technique!

If you don’t have the required pre-requisites for this movement take the steps to acquire them and in the mean time build overhead pressing strength with regressions such as the land mine press below.

Why overhead press?

If you can master this exercise you will develop a physique that you have always wanted. You will develop excellent shoulder health and strength with the scapula stabilizers growing stronger as you develop strength.

As with all training you need to progress slowly and smartly, injuries can happen and that’s why you have coaches.

Have a think of your training and consider any niggles you may have. Are you creating imbalances for yourself? Are you making your body better or worse?

Smart training requires knowledge, so speak with an educated coach now to ensure that you get the most out of the time you put in!

Happy Training.

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