How is it different?

This is our passion. We enjoy being able to provide honest advice with no hidden agenda. We will not sell you anything, or try to over service you. 

We provide 100% honest feedback / advice and treatment plans, only suggesting what has been shown to work.


We will treat you like family, no BS.

Do you provide treatment?

We do not provide the typical treatment you might expect from a Physiotherapist. Typically Physiotherapy is comprised of regular treatments which are generally passive in nature. This can be appropriate at times, but unfortunately basing the rehab process on these treatments alone is often ineffective.


We have found that not using these typical treatments has not prevented recovery but actually enhanced it. This has allowed us to get to the 'game changers' much quicker and see results faster.

We will suggest some treatments at times but it is rare and often self management strategies can be just as effective.

What should I expect in my first session?

The first session will take approx. 60-90 minutes. It will consist of a very comprehensive assessment mostly talking about the history and what you can and can't do. This will be followed by a physical examination to further explore your problem.

We will then EDUCATE you. It may be boring but we will try to make it as relevant as possible. The more you know the better you can recover.

We will look at all aspects of daily life including training, sleeping, sitting, driving and eating just to mentioned a few. We will address each of these and how they could be contributing to the injury / problem at hand.

We will then devise a plan for you to start immediately.

We will send you via email, a session summary and outline a rehab plan for you to work through. This can be sent to your coach as well so they can assist in this process.

After that we will plan to catch up in person in approximately 3 week or as required to ensure we are on the right track and you are progressing well in the rehab plan.

We will be contactable via phone, text or email 24/7 with any questions and to touch base.

Thats it! 

With this information and plan you should be able to recover from almost any injury. We have all personally had several injuries and this is how we recovered from them. Using our own knowledge and smart planning, movement and training.

If you are serious about getting better and recovering then try our approach of PHYSIOTHERAPY DONE DIFFERENTLY.

Be ready to have your beliefs challenged and common 'Physio' talk crushed. Be ready to recover faster, better and stay injury free!